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Journey With Us - Best Pest Control

Your Journey to a Pest Free Environment with First Choice Pest Specialist!

Step 1: Consultation

Start the First Choice Journey with us by contacting us either via phone or email. Our team will note down the Issues and schedule a date for Inspection

Step 2: Inspection

Our specialist will head down to your premise to conduct a detailed inspection on outstanding issues and potential problems. Do inform us of any specific problems you wish to tackle.

Step 3: Formulate Tailored Pest Control Strategy

Every client has a different need, which is why at First Choice we create a tailored pest control strategy that is best suited for your situation.

Step 4: Your First Choice Pest Control Treatment

Our specialist will proceed to execute these treatments with our years of expertise, only using quality First Choice products to ensure a pest-free environment.

Step 5: Advice on Prevention & Maintenance

Our specialists will keep you updated on the progress and provide you with post-treatment procedures to ensure permanent eradication of pests.

Step 6: Servicing Report on Problem and Treatment

As a pledge of our quality of service to you, a detailed servicing report will be provided at the end of our journey.

Did You Know?

Cockroaches are extremely invasive species, and they spend most of their time hiding. Therefore, over the counter pesticides or chemical spray treatments will not solve the source of problem. At First Choice, we use full gel baiting system that is capable of wiping out the entire colony.
Rodent control can be tricky as rats are often considered among the smartest animals. Thus, apart from setting traps and placing baits in strategic locations. We offer rodent flush out treatment whereby our specialists will eliminate the rodents on site to achieve an effective rodent control.

Methods of Treatment

Misting Singapore


Only carried out indoors. Solely water-based. Similar to fogging but droplets size of misting is larger.


To control and remove flying insects. Strictly only done outdoors. Water or oil-based. Short-lived effectiveness with no residual action after treatment. Might require frequent intervention and accompanied by other methods of treatment.

Fogging Singapore


Used for a wide variety of pests. Attracting pests instead of finding them. Effective for wiping out common pest colonies such as ants, termites, cockroaches, and rodents.

Residual Spraying

Spraying the insides of dwellings and premises with insecticide. Often used as a follow-up or maintenance method

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