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Our Beginnings

‘We Promised, We’ll Deliver’: First Choice Pest Specialist take great pride in providing only the highest quality of sustainable pest management.

Established in 2008, First Choice has surged forward to become a leading pest control service provider for the F&B industry. We have safeguarded thousands of satisfied clients from a multitude of pest-related complications. Renown for our distinctive and highly-effective approach to pest management, we customize bespoke solutions to cater to a variety of needs and the ever-rising expectations of our clients.

Our vivacious sales team casts in stone a seamless and problem-free customer experience for you. Combined with our highly skilled crew of specialists and technicians, we render service of unmatched quality. Every specialist and technician in First Choice is licensed by NEA, with gilt-edged experience developed from years of top-notch service provision.

First Choice Pest Specialist only uses top-of-the-line products and equipment that have been approved by local authorities. We are the importer and sole distributor of our proprietary First Choice Cockroach Gel Bait. Our decorative fly killers also come equipped with European-patented technology. We firmly believe that we possess a huge competitive edge over other companies due to the uncompromisingly superior quality of both our products and services.

Why choose us?

One Stop Pest Solution

Quick Response Time

Tailored Pest Control Strategy

Quality Assurance

Inspection beyond client premises

Latest Pest Control Techniques

Highly Trained and Certified Specialist

Nea Registered

be rid of pest 'cause we hit em' best!

Our Target Market

We service Residential, F&B, Commercial, Schools, Offices, and Hospitality industries.

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