Our Services

At First Choice, our clients come first. We tailor pest control & disinfection services to meet their every specific and diverse need. We maintain a high level of dynamism and professionalism to match our clients’ expectations.

Every First Choice technician is licensed by the National Environmental Agency (NEA). Every product we use is registered and approved by the NEA – safe, efficacious and environmentally friendly.

Our professional and friendly sales team can provide all the technical information and honest sales advice to help you solve your pest problem. We never disappoint – we guarantee the highest level of service we have to offer, all the time.


Pest Control Service

First Choice is second to none. Our pest extermination rate exceeds 95%. 98% of our clients see drastic improvements after 3 months of engaging us. We offer money-back guarantees if we are unable to solve your pest issues.

Disinfection Service

First Choice Pest Specialist is proud to be on the NEA’s “List of companies that can carry out disinfection works”. Our certified and highly-trained staff will strictly follow all disinfection safety guidelines. Protect yourself and your loved ones from harmful pathogens today!

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