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First Choice Pest Specialist is proud to be a part of NEA’s list of companies that can carry out disinfection works under “Interim Guidelines for Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection of Areas Exposed to Confirmed Case(s) of COVID-19 in Non-Healthcare Premises”.

The disinfectant we use is approved by the NEA list of disinfectant products that are effective against coronaviruses. Kills 99.9% of pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. 

Our comprehensive disinfection treatment includes methods such as manually wiping down on surfaces, and ULV misting with disinfectants to target places that are difficult to reach.

The use of a mister can turn the disinfectant solution into fine mist droplets (sizes of 10 to 30 microns) to

  • reach every corner of the room and remain on them.
  • penetrate cracks, crevices and difficult to reach areas
  • High ground coverage with consistent distribution

Why choose us for disinfection?

All of our staff are properly trained and certified to carry out infection control and management. They will put on PPE throughout the whole service. We are among the listed of companies that can carry out disinfection works.

The disinfectant we use are:

Did You Know?

A person’s presence in a room can add up to 37 million bacteria to the air every hour!
Our personal keyboards has three times more bacteria than a public toilet seat, with 3,000 bacteria per square inch.
Some viruses can remain infectious and survive on certain surfaces such as stainless steel and plastic up to 3 days!

Why is Disinfection Important?

  • Gets rid of 99.99% harmful bacteria
  • Combat and protect from Covid-19
  • Safe and virus free environment.

Where are these viruses?

  • Door or Cupboard Handles
  • Toilet Flush Buttons or Handles
  • Tabletops
  • Sofa and Chairs
  • Railings and Grab Handles
  • Switches
  • Rubbish Bins
  • Body Accessories
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