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Bedbugs are stealthy pests. They don’t leave many indications of their presence – except for the itchy and unsightly bites on your skin! The best way to detect an infestation is to see these incredibly tiny bugs with your own eyes. Due to their minute size and sneaky behaviour, it can be difficult to exterminate without proper professional help once a colony of bedbugs infest a home or premise.


Why Choose 1st Choice Pest Specialist For Bed Bugs Removal?

When it comes to bed bugs removal, you want a business that has the necessary knowledge, experience, and equipment. At 1st Choice Pest Specialist, we have a team of experienced and licensed professionals who employ cutting-edge and advanced procedures and equipment to thoroughly remove your bed bug infestation.

Because we recognize that bed bugs can be a delicate problem, we provide discreet and private services. To preserve your anonymity, our team of pros will come in unmarked vehicles and plain attire.

Bed Bugs Treatment Services

Our bed bugs treatment services include:

Inspection – Our team of specialists will evaluate your property thoroughly to establish the degree of the infestation and identify the areas that require treatment.

Treatment – In Singapore, we provide a variety of bed bug treatment methods, including heat treatment, chemical treatment, and bed bug spray Singapore. Our treatments are safe and effective, and we take every measure to keep your family or workers safe.

Follow-up – Our dedication to our clients does not end with therapy. We provide follow-up services to guarantee that the bed bug infestation is entirely removed, as well as prevention suggestions for future infestations.

Preventive Measures

We at 1st Choice Pest Specialist believe that prevention is preferable to treatment. That is why we provide preventive steps to assist you to avoid becoming infested with bed bugs in the first place. We offer information and training on how to detect and prevent bed bugs, as well as monthly inspections to guarantee your home is clear of bed bugs.

Safe and Effective Bed Bug Treatment Methods

We utilize safe and effective bed bug treatment procedures at 1st Choice Pest Specialist to guarantee that your family or employees are not at risk. Our treatments are customized to your unique needs and are intended to remove bed bugs while reducing their environmental effect.

Benefits of Regular Bed Bug Inspections

Frequent bed bug inspections might help you detect an infestation early and prevent it from spreading. Our team of experts can do routine inspections to detect any symptoms of bed bugs and offer the appropriate treatment to remove them.

We are devoted to employing eco-friendly and non-toxic bed bug elimination solutions at 1st Choice Pest Specialist. Our staff uses eco-friendly products and practices that are safe for you, your family, and the environment. Our eco-friendly bed insect eradication services are effective while still being easy on the environment.

Furthermore, we recognize that price is a major concern for our clients. As a result, we provide economical bed bug eradication services without sacrificing quality. Our price is straightforward, with no surprises. We think that everyone deserves a bed-bug-free home or office, and we endeavor to deliver our services at a fair rate.

By selecting 1st Choice Pest Specialist for your bed bug removal requirements, you can be confident that you will receive high-quality and dependable services from a reputable company. To make an appointment or learn more about our bed bugs Singapore eradication services, please contact us immediately.

Types found in Singapore

  • Tropical Bed Bugs (Cimex Hemipterus)
  • Non-Common Bed Bugs (Cimex Lectularius)

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Signs of Infestation

The most apparent sign of an infestation is waking up with itchy spots and small bloodstains on your pillowcases or sheets.
Look out for brown masses, blobs, shadows or splotches that seem to be alive and moving.

Look out for dark brown spots or eggshell-looking remnants in the crevices of your bedsheets or pillowcases.

You might smell a repulsive odour coming off your pillowcases or bedsheets, which comes from the glands of the bedbugs.

Prevention Advice

  • Remove all bed covers and comb for signs of bugs or droppings.
  • Remove the dust cover over the bottom of the box springs.
  • Check any bed wood framing.
  • Lift all coverings on top of wood frames.
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