Rats & mice are very capable of surviving and adapting to our environment. With constant gnawing, they have the potential to wreak destruction on household items, equipment and cables. They have been responsible for the transmission of bacteria that lead to leptospirosis, murine typhus, rat-bite fever and salmonellosis.

When threatened, some inflict pain through bites and stings.

Types found in Singapore

  • Norway or Sewer Rats (Rattus Norvegicus)
  • Roof Rat (Rattus Diardii)
  • Little Mouse Rat (Rattus Exulans)
  • House Mouse (Mus Musculus)

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Signs of Infestation

Finding droppings where food is often present, and along walls. Hearing squeaks, rustling, and scampering sounds as they move around their nest – these noises are most apparent at night. Finding rodent teeth marks on items such as takeaway boxes and food containers.

Rodents are also known to chew on electrical wires and wood, amongst many other things. Finding nest built from soft, fuzzy or warm materials, such as fabric, furniture stuffing, shredded paper, grass, and twigs. These nests are created in sheltered places like boxes, cabinets, closets, and walls. Finding grease marks in unusual areas – mice can squeeze through gaps as small as a quarter of an inch in size.

Prevention Advice

  • Identify and eliminate all possible entry, access and feeding points by sealing them.
  • Keep food in glass or metal containers with tight lids.
  • Ensure that waste bins are properly sealed off.
  • Countertops, sinks and kitchen floors must be cleaned regularly.

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