Different spider species have different number of eyes ranging from 0 to 8. Being active hunters, spiders need these extra eyes to chase down their preys and also to escape from predators. Jumping spiders are capable of jumping up to 50 times its length due to the presence of an internal hydraulic system in its legs that helps to propel its insanely high jumps.

Types found in Singapore

  • Black Widow
  • Brown Recluse
  • Cellar Spider

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Signs of Infestation

Look for spider webs – The size and shape of spider webs vary by species. Some are orb-shaped while others are funnel-shaped. Some species of spider, such as the black widow, do not create geometric webs, but create messy dens that trap insects, in hidden-away areas.

Prevention Advice

  • Keep house neat and tidy.
  • Seal cracks in your home.
  • Remove vegetation from the perimeter of your residence.
  • Scatter Dichotomous Earth around your home.
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