A cockroach infestation is the nightmare of any household occupant. Cockroaches are pesky little creatures that create big problems. They have lived on the earth for more than 300 million years and continue to bother humankind by invading our spaces of rest and respite. In totality, there are 4,500 species of cockroaches, of which 30 are regarded as pests. If you have a cockroach infestation problem at home, here is what you need to know about cockroach elimination and available pest control services that can help you. 

Know Your Enemy

The first step to winning a battle involves knowing your enemies well. Before you start working on a solution, it is important to identify the common types of cockroaches present in Singapore. Here are some of them with a description of their distinct characteristics: 

1. The American Cockroach (Periplaneta americana)

The one that you would probably see the most frequently. It has a reddish-brown, oval-shaped body with a yellowish ring around its head. This species of pests can grow up to 43mm and is able to fly.  

2. The German Cockroach (Blattella germanica)

This species of cockroaches is smaller in size and can grow up to 15mm long. The colour ranges from brown to black and its body is patterned with two darker stripes on its wings. This species thankfully does not fly. 

3. The Oriental Cockroach (Blatta orientalis)

Dark brown or black in colour, this species of cockroaches has wings but cannot fly. They can grow up to 30mm long.    

What Attracts Cockroaches?

Once you have identified the kind of cockroach infestation that you have at home, it is important to know what attracts them to the house. Both high-rise and landed property are not unsusceptible to pest invasions. Cockroaches are often found in places that have moisture and pungent smells. Some locations around the house that pest control services are familiar with handling include: 

1. The Kitchen makes an attractive destination for cockroaches to visit because of the presence of food. When dirty dishes are left unattended in the sink and come into contact with water and oxygen, decomposition of food waste might happen. This can give off a pungent smell that attracts cockroaches over. Furthermore, cockroaches feed on food scraps and grease that are found in kitchens that are not often cleaned. 

Keeping to hygiene standards in the kitchen helps with decreasing the chances of cockroaches frequenting your home. Some examples of maintaining cleanliness include taking out the trash regularly and washing the dishes immediately upon use.   

2. The Bathroom is another likely place that cockroaches are drawn to because of the presence of moisture, at the sinks or at the shower drainage area. Bathrooms are often places where cockroaches can also seek refuge from, in the waste disposals, to the bathtub, to the cupboards and soap items around the cupboards. These places can often be overlooked by people. It makes them safe spaces for cockroaches to stay in. 

3. Outdoor Gardens are ideal spots for cockroaches to reside in. They provide shelter for them if their homes are nearby. This increases the chances of cockroaches being able to access your home, so make sure that there are no water sources that encourage them to stay in your gardens. 

How do they Enter?

It’s important to know how these pesky creatures enter so as to prevent them from multiplying. Cockroaches enter through the most elusive places. From rubbish chutes and kitchen gully traps, to cracks and crevices, cockroaches will find their way in through the slightest openings. If there are holes in pipes or vents, they also serve as entry points for cockroaches to reach your kitchens or bathrooms. A good idea would be to seal off any cracks or openings that might provide an avenue for entrance from an unwelcome visitor. 

Health Risks Involved

When it comes to eliminating health risks caused by cockroach infestations, pest controllers take their work very seriously. Cockroaches are often found in the most unsanitary of places in the dumpsters, trash cans, and among decomposing materials. They have a high potential of spreading bacteria and viruses that can result in diseases, cause food poisoning, and trigger asthma attacks. Removing these contaminants during a cockroach infestation is crucial in protecting the welfare of occupants at home. 

Tell-Tale Signs of an Infestation

Keep a lookout for signs that will indicate that a cockroach infestation is happening at home. Some of the signs include the presence of cockroaches in different life cycle stages, skin shedding, dark coloured egg casings, cockroach droppings that are small, dark and round, and an unpleasant smell in your house. 

DIY Tips for Preventing or Ridding of an Infestation

Here are some home remedies that can help to alleviate a cockroach infestation problem: 

1. Baking Soda is a great solution to eliminate an infestation. Luring them with sugar at areas that cockroaches frequent in your home and then killing them with baking soda is an effective strategy to rid of these pests. 

2. Coffee powder mixed with water and placed in a cup is another way to lure cockroaches. Attracted by the strong scent of coffee, you can trap them by placing the cup in a container filled with water. 

3. Peppermint Oil mixed with vinegar and sprayed regularly around the house will also deter cockroaches from staying at your home. Spraying Neem Oil mixed with water in areas frequented by cockroaches will do the trick too. Overtime, you’ll see results and less pesky creatures around. 

4. Bay leaves is a common spice that we use in our cooking, but did you know that cockroaches are disgusted by its aroma? Placing bay leaves around the corners and cupboards where cockroaches might reside will act as a deterrent for infestation. 

What the Experts Do 

Working towards cockroach elimination has never been easier. Though home remedies can help with lessening the risks of an infestation, engaging with pest control services is still the most effective way of ensuring that they are eliminated completely. Experienced personnel from pest control services make sure that cockroach extermination is carried out safely and responsibly. Two working solutions that First Choice Pest Specialist offer includes the following: 

1. Gel Baiting

Gel poison is placed around cracks, crevices, in cupboards and below sinks to kill cockroaches that frequent these areas. Infestation is typically cleared within a short time span. 

2. Residual Spraying

Working with residual sprays involved the careful management of equipment and chemicals involved. Our experienced team of professionals will ensure that residual spraying will be appropriately conducted. A residual spray is highly effective when sprayed at infested areas. 

Work with Us for All Your Pest Problems 

Engaging with a good pest control service is crucial in eliminating an infestation quickly and efficiently. You need a proficient team of pest specialists to deliver solutions catered to your needs and concerns. First Choice Pest Specialist provides quality pest control and disinfection services for diverse locations and clients. Engage with us today! 

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