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We don’t often think about pest infestations. What if our home gets infested by rodents? When will the next bed bug infestation occur? What are the preventive measures that can be taken? By the time we think about these questions, chances are that infestations have already happened. It sounds like a good idea to start thinking about finding the right pest control service. Finding the best pest control service takes time, hence it is important to start researching early.

Questions to Stay Well-Informed

Is this the right pest control service for me? Here are some questions that you can ask yourself before deciding on services that best suit your needs:

Are They Qualified for the Job?

A good question to ask yourself involves a pest control service’s credentials. Doing a bit of research online helps you to find out if a pest control service has the capabilities you need to get the job done.

The most important piece of information to find would be if the pest control service has the relevant accreditation to operate. The pest control service should be a Registered Vector Control Operator under the National Environment Agency (NEA). Ensuring that the company is licensed is crucial when you look for the right pest control service. Additional accreditation that you can look for would be whether they are a member of the Singapore Pest Management Association.

Besides looking at credentials, have a look at what services are being offered. You can assess the kind of services you might require, and the kind of pests that the pest control service deal with on a regular basis.

Have They Proved Themselves Qualified?

Another factor to consider involves the experience levels of the pest controllers that you are engaging with. While enquiring about the services, you can also ask about the number of years that the pest controllers have worked in the industry. How proficient are they in assessing the problem and providing the appropriate solutions? Have they come across such an infestation before? Asking for past cases that the pest control company has worked on can give you a little more perspective.

Word-of-mouth is also a powerful tool used to research companies. If you are looking for authentic reviews, asking your friends and family about reliable pest control services is the way to go. You can also search on Google Reviews or the company’s social media platforms to see the testimonials from past customers. Such reviews can provide you with insight on the kinds of pests the company specialises in, details on executing treatment, and service quality provided by the pest controllers.

Be as thorough as possible. To maintain an objective point-of-view, you can read both lower-rated and higher-rated comments on Google Reviews. Understanding how the pest controllers resolved past clients’ problems is key to making an informed decision.

What are the Products Used?

The kind of products used by pest controllers matters. Pesticides, gel baits, and pest traps play an important role in getting rid of pests. It is important to check if products have been approved by NEA, are effective, environmentally friendly, and safe to use. For example, referring to the list of pesticides and repellent products that are registered under NEA ensures you that the products used can be trusted.

How are Services Charged?

When it comes to service rates, different companies have different pricing structures. Some services charge by the hour, while others provide a flat rate. It is important to do some research on the market rates and compare prices. While comparing prices, you can also evaluate whether the price justifies the services provided.

What is the Game Plan?  

Understanding how pest controllers work can help you identify the best pest control service that suits your needs. The right procedure usually involves conducting a detailed assessment and identifying sources of a pest infestation. This is followed by an execution plan that is customised to the problems identified in the initial assessment. A pest infestation needs to be addressed with precision and caution. Upon treatment, pest controllers would continue to monitor and provide post-treatment measures. Pest controllers should also have the expertise to advise you on proper prevention and maintenance measures.

Enquiring about their game plan will help you to evaluate whether the service provided is of quality. You can enquire about the time required for the entire procedure to be carried out, to have a good gauge of how effective the procedures are. You can also find out about the kinds of methods that a pest control service uses to carry out the treatment. Methods of treatment can range from misting to fogging, to baiting, to residual spraying. For each service, you can also enquire about their extermination rates and effectiveness levels.

A trusted pest control service provider would be able to provide such information to help you stay well-informed. An experienced pest control provider would also be able to meet diverse needs.

Engage with First Choice Pest Specialist

First Choice Pest Specialist is licensed by NEA, and has a proficient team of pest controllers with vast experience. Our capabilities are applicable to a diverse range of pests. These pests include ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, rodents, termites, spiders, fleas, ticks, bees, and mites. Our pest control services are methodological and specifically tailored to an individual’s needs. It is important for us to have proper inspection measures before providing the right kind of treatment. We also offer post-treatment measures to ensure that we leave your homes pest-free. Once our job is done, we will provide our clients with a detailed servicing report.

If you are interested to find out more about First Choice Pest Specialist, you can check out our services here.

Finding the best pest control service can be a tricky process. It involves a lot of research to find the right one. From understanding the way pest controllers work to evaluating the quality of service provided, there are so many factors to consider. Should you require assistance in finding out more about pest control services, you can contact us here.

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