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Covid-19 has spread across the world like wildfire. According to the World Health Organisation, there have been more than 500 million confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide. From safe distancing measures to the wearing of masks in public, our lives have changed with the implementation of new lifestyle practices. While everyone is busy taking extra measures outdoors, it can be easy to overlook cleaning practices at home. How do you disinfect your house after it has been exposed to Covid-19?

Co-existing with Covid-19 is a tricky process. We continue to learn and adapt to the changes that the pandemic brings. The battle against the virus has not been won yet. It is common for Covid-19 to spread in a home once a member has it. This makes disinfecting practices important. What are some common mistakes of disinfecting your house after having Covid-19? Read on for tips and tricks to disinfect your house the right way.  

Before we delve into common mistakes made, it is necessary to take note of crucial guidelines. According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), disinfection of homes must be minimally done after the isolation or quarantine period.

Common Mistakes:

Cleaning Unguarded – Covid-19 is transmitted mainly through respiratory droplets. The virus can also linger around the surfaces of your home for 2-3 days. Contaminated bedsheets, for example, can put you at risk of coming into contact with respiratory droplets.

This makes preparation key. Before starting the disinfection process, it is important to wear protective gear. Disposable gloves, surgical masks, eye goggles, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can help to minimise contact with the virus. Extra precaution is needed when disinfecting your house if it was exposed to Covid-19.

Using Cleaning Tools the Wrong Way – When it comes to cleaning agents and equipment, it is easy to get hold of them. However, using them appropriately can require skill and a great amount of meticulousness.

For example, a solution such as Dettol or a mixture of bleach and water can be used as cleaning agents to disinfect surfaces. It is important to use the cleaning agent the right way, based on what is advised by the manufacturer. Read the instructions on the cleaning product and use it accordingly. If the solution is used as a spray, always spray them onto wet wipes or uncontaminated cleaning material. Spraying directly onto contaminated surfaces can cause the virus to spread to other areas of the house.

Additionally, cleaning tools should be used in a way that does not create cross-contamination. An example would be mopping the floors of your home. After having mopped a contaminated area, it is best not to revisit the area again with a dirtied mop. Regularly cleaning your mop and switching out the water in pails can help. It would also be ideal to have different mops for specific areas of the house.

When using wet wipes to clean surfaces, always change out your wipes once they have come into contact with dirtied surfaces. Colour-coding different areas with tape can also help you to identify areas that have a higher risk of contamination. These areas may require equipment that should not be used outside of their designated location. Such measures can help to minimise cross-contamination.

Forgetting the Details – Disinfecting a house is a big task. It can be easy to overlook areas that require cleaning too. For example, it is crucial to clean surfaces that members of the house regularly touch. From light switches, to door knobs, to the handles on your fridge, to toilet flush buttons, these are spots that need to be wiped.

Remember to handle laundry appropriately. From contaminated bedsheets, to curtains, to pillowcases, it is key to transport them carefully from your laundry baskets to the washing machine. Minimise dropping the fabrics or flipping them around. This can cause the virus to spread to other areas of your house. Don’t forget these details before you start your cleaning!

Not Leaving Your Windows Open – It is also necessary to leave your windows open at all times. This helps to keep your house well-ventilated, by bringing in fresh air from outside.

Not Taking Precaution after Cleaning Not taking precautionary measures after cleaning is a big mistake. It is easy to forget to clean yourself once you have finished cleaning your home. Remember to remove all your clothes immediately after cleaning. You should wash them thoroughly, as they might have come into contact with the virus. You should also dispose your gloves and mask properly. Even if you wore gloves while cleaning, it is still ideal to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

After a long day of cleaning, it can be tempting to lie on the couch or sofa to rest or take a nap. It is crucial not to do so. You should ensure that you are properly cleaned before resting. Personal hygiene is key to preventing the Covid-19 virus from spreading. After cleaning, it is best to take a shower and cleanse yourself. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially after all the hard work put into disinfecting your home.  

Professional Covid-19 Disinfection Services

These are some common mistakes that are made when people disinfect their homes. Have you made one of these mistakes before? Disinfecting your house after having Covid-19 is no easy task. It requires a lot of planning, caution, and labour in ensuring that your house is virus-free. Always stay vigilant while cleaning. Take the necessary precautions to minimise exposure to the virus.

Are you in need of professional Covid-19 disinfection services? To ensure that your house is disinfected properly and efficiently, engaging with a professional might be a good choice. First Choice Pest Specialist offers comprehensive treatments and proper disinfection solutions. We have certified staff that can carry out disinfection processes safely and effectively. The disinfectants that we use are environmentally-friendly and suitable for all kinds of surfaces. From manual cleaning to misting, our services will be tailored to your needs. Protect your friends and family with effective disinfection services today!

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