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First Choice Cockroach Gel Bait

First Choice Cockroach Gel Bait is a revolution in professional cockroaches control is used in homes and businesses, and is labeled for restaurants and commercial food handling areas in just one application. You will kill more cockroaches quickly and keep your premises free of cockroaches and the residual effect could last up to a month.

Mouse Glue Traps

Pre-baited with QuickCatch super mouse attractant, effectiveness is obviously better than normal glue trap.
Glue traps contain no pesticides, so they appear safe around children and pets. Strongly adhesive, odourless, ready to use, safe and sanitary, it is an ideal mousetrap.


Hygiene (M11E)
Indistinguishable from a wall light, the HyGenie D11 is ideal for lobbies and dining areas. It is virtually silent in operation and trapped insects are hidden from view. Kills moths, wasps and mosquitoes as well as flies. 1xT11G Lamp and 1 glueboards supplied. Comes with mounting kit. Mains operated with 2 metre flex. You will need a high enough mains socket or an extended flex.


Uplighter (301E)
The D301 is ideal for restaurants, large lobbies, bars and dining areas where a discreet alternative to electric
fly killing grids is required. It is silent in operation and caught insects are hidden from view.
Mild steel construction with white polyester finish. 1xT15G Lamp, glue board and mounting kit supplied.
TheD301 is mains powered using a conventional mains plug.

The D33
The Model D33 is a sleek, attractive, effective Glueboard fly killer, designed to blend into sensitive area's like hotel lobbies and restaurants .It is silent in operation and indistinguishable from a wall light. Thanks to the unique soft green Synergetic lamps, the D33's efficiency at controlling flying insect pests is unrivalled. PLEASE NOTE: THE FLEX LEAD IS 1 METRE LONG The D33 comes ready to use with 3 lamps and 1 glueboard.

The SE 30
Combines an effective powerful glue board fly killer with stylish looks. Suitable for use in all food prep areas including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, dairies, shops, cafes etc .Features a removable front cover for easy servicing. Can be installed vertically or horizontally and be wall mounted or free-standing. IP65 dustproof/waterproof version also available.